​Be careful of the word recovery, this is focusing on what was lost, instead lets focus on what was saved and being grateful. Now we have the opportunity to consider what we rebuild and how we do this according to our values. Perhaps it is time to reconsider our values and prioritize them. 
Dr Robert Gordon spoke to us last week and gave us good advice.
One of the things that was suggested is that people write down their story, specifically not just what happened at the worst time but what happened next, the survival and moving on the generosity and humanity that came out .

I have setup a Google Group for all things Mallacoota.
G-Suite Docs is a very good product for writing your story or helping someone else write theirs down, It allows people to work on a document at the same time. it can be private, shared with individuals, the group or the world. My Suggestion is that we collaborate together and perhaps produce a Mallacoota 2020 book definitely publish some stories online.  As is clear I am not a writer but I am happy to help and show people how to use the tools, and get this all happening. I would also link to do some video interviews and publish them. 



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