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Mallacoota and District Recovery Association: Update

MADRA Update 5 April 2020

What’s happening about electing the Committee?

Full members should have received an email from the Victorian Electoral Commission with details of the forthcoming Committee Election, including a nomination form.
If you haven’t seen it, check for an email from Glenda Frazer at VEC, possibly in your junk mail. If you still can’t find it, please let us know at:


There will only be an election if more than 12 nominations are received. If 12 or fewer people nominate, they will automatically be appointed to the committee.

To have the best chance of getting a committee of twelve people who can work well together and is broadly representative, we need more than 12 people to nominate. Please get on the phone, or into Zoom or Skype, and encourage everyone you think would make an effective committee member to put in a nomination.

Nominations close at 12.00 noon on Thursday 16 April.

Should the election go ahead when the Covid-19 environment is so difficult?

The interim working party put this question to the Victorian Electoral Commission. The following reassurance was provided.

The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, and any decision in relation to the conduct the election will consider advice provided by the Australian and Victorian Governments.
It is important to note that the election is being conducted entirely by post. There will be no voting at voting centres at this election, thus avoiding the usual congregation of people associated with State and Federal elections.

The VEC is mindful that the Mallacoota and District Recovery Association has important work to do following the recent bushfires and the VEC is committed to ensuring that the vacancies on the committee are filled as soon as is reasonably possible.
The VEC will continue to monitor any government announcements concerning COVID-19 and will continue to proceed with the election on the current timeline. If circumstances change, any necessary adjustments to the timeline will be made.

What will voting look like?
The voting method for electing MDRA’s committee will be Proportional Representation. This is the method used for voting for upper houses in state and federal elections, where there are multiple positions to be filled within one electoral boundary. 

It was recommended by the Victorian Electoral Commission because voters can express preferences, so that if their chosen candidates don’t get a lot of votes, then those votes go to their next choice. Reallocation of preferences continues till all positions are filled. 
Voters will have to number the candidates from 1 to 12 on the ballot paper for the vote to be valid and can number more than 12 if they wish.

The VEC states this method is the best for ensuring the committee includes the widest range of opinions and experiences in our community.


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