Google has recently set up a free website that any business can claim.
I suggest that you get in quickly and claim the name that you want.
These web sites will give you a huge advantage in a Google search.
I have claimed for #mallacoota2020
the business site I am developing at the moment (This one). What xxxxxx do you want https: // xxxxxx
Please help me out with a review if you know me, even to say "I like the photo's he takes" is the link.
If you would like a hand to set it up make an appointment and it will happen.

My New Google Website has an Appointment Button.

Mallacoota Business Site

To clarify what I am offering, Give me a review and I will help you setup Google's free Business site and then give you a review back.. These sites make your Google searched look like this!

Google Listing OZ On Line


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